We strive to raise high quality dogs with great pedigrees, but even more importantly, we ensure we have good quality dogs in our breeding program, with great intelligence, good trainability, and extensive health testing.  We have a well proven socialization method, which produces confident puppies with good intelligence who are ready to learn whatever skills the new owner desires. Our pups have gone  on to be hunting dogs, obedience dogs, dock diving dogs, agility dogs, skijooring dogs, sled dogs, and much more.


We are planning a few litters for 2019, and plan to have yellow, black and chocolate pups available. Contact us for more information about reserving your ideal pup.

See below for the litters we are currently have or are planning. 

Posh x Pharoah- born July 26, 2019 - black males  available. 

Smoke x Magic- born Aug 10, 2019- black male and black female available. 

Our next litter will be in spring 2020. Plans for yellow, black and chocolate puppies. Contact us if interested in reserving a puppy early to ensure you are high up on the waiting list.